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How to Practice Self-Care While Hustling as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are always on the go, making it easy to forget self-care. However, part of growing your business is ensuring you are always at your best. Consider this simple guide to taking care of yourself so you can better navigate your goals.

Get Your Exercise at Home

Exercise has many physical benefits, but it's a great way to fight some common mental health issues as well. Research shows that exercise is a great way to combat depression and better your psychological health. Just getting 30 to 45 minutes of cardio activity every day can be life-changing. Consider going for a jog in the morning or walking instead of driving to complete errands. If you struggle to implement and maintain an exercise plan, find an exercise partner so you can keep each other motivated. When you travel, book hotels with fitness centers so you have a place to exercise nearby.

Practice Yoga

Practicing yoga can be immensely beneficial for entrepreneurs, allowing them to find resiliency and strength in their busy lives. Not only does yoga provide the opportunity to pause and gain some clarity amidst all the business-related stress, but it also promotes flexibility in both one's body and mind. With an improved capacity for outlook and focus, entrepreneurs can see a tangible upswing in their creative output as well as their physical endurance. When you’re ready to get started, join Pura Vida for a class!

Meditate in the Morning

Morning meditation is a great way to center yourself and boost your energy for the day. Do you have a hard time keeping your focus and find yourself feeling burnt out easily? Meditation is a simple solution that only requires a few minutes of focus every day. Find a space in your home that is quiet, light some candles for aromatherapy, and play some light music to help relax you. Then, work through breathing techniques to help you focus.

Using Time-Saving Strategies

Self-care doesn't have to be spa days. It can simply be about finding ways to remove stress from your life. You can start implementing time-saving tips into your daily routine. For example, if you're communicating with remote freelancers, you can minimize the effort by using a PDF editor tool to add images and notes directly to the PDF rather than communicating changes through email where things can easily be lost in translation.

Another way to save time and reduce stress is to choose the right business structure for your company. If you form an LLC, you’ll receive liability protection and tax advantages, helping you avoid the stress of a simple mistake that may cost you great personal loss. You can even form an Ohio LLC quickly by using a formation service rather than paying a lawyer to do it all. Remember to check your state regulations to ensure you cover everything you need.

Delegate When You Can

When you get frustrated with your workload, give yourself a break by delegating tasks to your staff. It starts with hiring people you trust to do the job right. Don't be afraid to spend the money on an assistant or freelancer. You need all the help you can get when you're trying to balance self-care and a career.

Stick to a Schedule

Schedules can be difficult for an entrepreneur. Work often bleeds into personal life, making it difficult to recognize when you're starting to stretch yourself too thin. Make a definitive schedule you can stick to, and eliminate that problem. Keep your family and staff informed about your schedule so they know when and when not to contact you.

As you go through the business motions, it's easy to get caught up in the grind. Practicing self-care is the best way to recharge. Incorporate these ideas into your daily life to avoid burnout and watch your business ventures grow.

-Laura Carlson-

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